If I register will I have to donate?

Not necessarily. Statistics show that you are more likely to need a transplant in your lifetime than become an organ donor. Only 1% of deaths in BC occur in a way that would permit the person to be an organ donor. To become a deceased organ donor in BC a person must be on life support in a critical care unit, with no possibility of recovery. 

I think I already registered, but I'm not sure.  

If you are not sure if you have registered or not, it's ok, happens to alot of us. But its important that you are registered so click on the Jivana heart and you can check if you have already registered as an organ donor. Make sure you have your MSP card on hand.

Who can be an Organ Donor?

People of any age can be donors. Donation may be possible even if you have a medical condition, specialists will deter-mine your ability to donate.

Will doctors still try to save my life?

Absolutely yes! If you are sick, the primary duty of health care providers is to save lives, whether or not you are a registered donor. Donation is only considered after all life-saving efforts have been exhausted and it is certain you will not survive. BC's Human Tissue Gift Act states that two doctors must declare the death of a potential organ donor, independent of transplant.

What is Organ Donation?

It is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body from a living or deceased person to a living recipient requiring transplantation.

I registered at MVB and it used to be on my driver's license years' ago?  

That's great, you were thinking ahead of everyone else. Unfortunately, the organ donor sticker that used to be on your old drivers license is no longer valid. Canadian registry ensures that you are registered both in your home  province and nationally, so it’s important to register again. Don’t worry, it only takes few seconds.

Am I too old to register? 

Age doesn't matter when it comes to registering as organ donor. Canada's oldest organ donor was 93 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions