Jag Gill

Liver Transplant Recipient 
February 2015

Born in India, Jagtar Gill migrated to Canada in 1986 at the age of eleven. Hard work has been a part of Jagtar’s life, as two weeks after arriving he began working on the farm with his family. He went to school the following year and the next 15 years passed without issue. However from 1998 onwards he faced multiple health obstacles that made him all too familiar with the medical system. First his appendix needed to be removed. A year later his platelet count began dropping drastically and his spleen continued getting bigger. Some time later in 2006 Jagtar began getting very sick and would be hospitalized every 2-3 months, for weeks at a time. He had a numerous tests and procedures done at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The doctors would band his bleeding esophageal varices every 6-8 weeks.

This was a difficult time for both him and his family. His health deteriorated so bad in2009, the doctors informed him that he had internal bleeding and chances of surviving were slim. After being referred to another specialist at St. Paul's in 2012, Jagtar’s liver was dying and he would need a life saving transplant. He was shocked and scared to learn this. He was placed on the transplant waiting list and after two years of waiting, by God's grace he received the best gift of his life.

On Friday February 13th, 2015 he received the long awaited call from VGH. On Valentines Day, God showed his love and mercy; as, Jagtar’s transplant surgery was successful. He recently celebrated his 1-year transplantiversary. Thanks to the generous donor his life has forever changed. With his new lease on life, Jagtar is enjoying life once again with his family and friends. Jagtar is working with JIVANA ORGAN DONATION SOCIETY in hopes to: raise awareness in the South Asian community, encourageothers to become organ donors, support those waiting for transplant, and their families.

Jagtar would like to thank BC Transplant and the team of Doctors and Nurses at VGH for the exceptional care they provided at his time of need.