Most people donate their body to science and research  for the improvement of heath care system and better understanding of the human body. We get asked a lot about how to donate body but keep in mind that donating your body does not necessarily mean you will also donate your organs too.

Jivana believes that donating your organs is the first priority! Because only 15% of British Columbians are registered as organ donors and out of that 15%, only less than 1% of those will die in a way that leads to organ donation, because In order to take organs, a patient must be declared brain dead. Of those 1%, the most will be unsuitable for transplant, creating a huge shortage of organs for transplant. That is why there are over 600 people on the waiting list. You have the choice to register for both. If death occurs in a way the organs can't be used, then the body can still be donated to science.

If you wish to register for Body Donation Program or need further information please contact the Body Donation Program at 604-822-2578 or email at

You can also visit their website for more information and body consent forms at 

*Living donors: ​You can become a living donor by donating one of your Kidney or portion of your liver.

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What organs you can donate?

Body donation